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How One Staffing Firm Minimizes Risks

August 30, 2000
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Abbott Resource Group tells its clients it takes five measures to reduce the risk of a Microsoft problem happening to them:

  1. An onsite human resources coordinator and/or and offsite human resources manager will be assigned to serve as the primary liaison(s) between the client and all of the ARG employees assigned to serve it.
  2. All wages, benefits, hours of work and working conditions for all ARG staff assigned to the client will be provided, administered and directed by their sole employer, ARG, throughout their service to the client.
  3. All of ARG's employees assigned to the client will be recruited, hired, oriented, identified, compensated, supervised, scheduled, evaluated, equipped, trained, disciplined, terminated, and in every other way managed exclusively by ARG's onsite and/or offsite representative(s).
  4. All ARG employees assigned to the client will annually acknowledge and agree in writing: that they are employed, controlled and directed exclusively by ARG; that they are eligible only for benefits provided to the client's employees; that they specifically waive any and all claims provided to the client's employees; and that they have a service provider/client, not employee/employer, relationship with the client.
  5. Semiannual reviews of the actual working relationship between ARG and the client will be conducted between ARG's employment counsel and an authorized representative of the client. These reviews will determine, based upon developing employment laws, what, if any, changes need to be made to further minimize the client's legal exposure and risk in utilizing ARG's employees to work for them on a regular basis.

 SOURCE: Abbott Resource Group, 888-997-9675.

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