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How to Judge Employee Satisfaction

February 2, 1999
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What questions should you ask employees to determine their satisfaction level? HR Solutions, Inc. has found that asking employees whether they agree with the following statements is very effective:

  • This organization encourages employees to use the grievance procedure if there is a need.

  • Senior management communicates the information that I need and want to know about the organization.

  • I feel free to go to a "higher boss" than my immediate supervisor to discuss any problems that are bothering me.

  • My supervisor keeps me informed about matters affecting me.

  • There is reasonable consistency between departments in how policies are administered/followed.

  • Senior managers of the organization come through my work area often.

  • The management of this organization is genuinely concerned about the employees.

  • The Human Resources department is a place where I can freely discuss my work-related or personal problems.

  • I feel I have job security.

  • Senior management responds to employees' problems in a fair manner.

  • I trust my supervisor.

  • I would proudly recommend this organization as a good place to work to a friend or relative.

  • My immediate supervisor is friendly and helpful.

  • I feel comfortable or free to express new ideas and work methods which I feel will help this organization.

  • I have thought of resigning in the last six months.

SOURCE: HR Solutions, Chicago, IL, January 1999

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