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How To Manage Expectant Mothers

October 1, 1993
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Connie Marshall, spokesperson for the National March of Dimes' campaign titled Men Have Babies, Too, and author of From Here to Maternity, The Expectant Father and other prenatal-wellness materials, offers these pointers for managers who have pregnant employees:

  • Convey a positive attitude to each pregnant employee and let her know that you want to be involved
  • Discuss with her ways you can help her stay healthy and on the job until she's ready to go on maternity leave
  • Be flexible, allowing her to change her schedule so that she can keep her appointments for prenatal care
  • Give her a prenatal book geared toward prevention of low-birthweight and preterm babies
  • Use posters in the workplace to encourage healthy lifestyle choices, such as avoiding cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, and consuming enough calories to gain 25 to 35 pounds
  • Provide a lounge that has a couch so that she can lie on her left side during breaks to reduce swelling in her ankles
  • Schedule short 10-to 15-minute breaks every two hours to enable her to stretch her lower back muscles and to reduce eyestrain
  • Provide seating that elevates her knees higher than her hips to avoid back strain
  • Provide a smoke-free workplace
  • Provide healthful food in the cafeteria.

Personnel Journal, October 1993, Vol. 72, No.10, p. 43.

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