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How to Spin and Twist the Media Like the Pros

May 23, 2000
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When describing something to the media, keep in mind that when the average Joe or Jane reads the newspaper or watches the news, they remember only a few of the words you use. Thus, your goal is to avoid all words you don't want people to remember.

For example, say a reporter asks you, "Do you have any comment on the lawsuit filed by Mr. Smith?" To answer the question the way an expert politician or pundit would, never use the words that the reporter uses. Never say, "We are innocent of the charges." Joe and Jane will remember the word "charges" as well as the word "innocent."

Instead, use words you want people to hear. "We have a strong company, with great employees, great management, and a happy workforce. Supervisors are well trained to make sure every employee has a good experience here, and those efforts have been successful. We're totally confident every employee has been and will be treated well here, including Mr. Smith."


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