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HRMS_Payroll Interfaces with Applicant Tracking Systems

December 15, 2000
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Most of today’s applicant tracking systems attempt to make it easy tointerface with HRMS or payroll systems -- or at least they say they do. Thisflexibility eliminates duplicate data entry when an applicant becomes a new hireand ultimately saves on HR staffing costs.

The process of making this interface happen, however, is still a customizedproduct that is provided by each vendor. With so many different HRMS and payrollapplications in existence, it is difficult to develop standard links, althoughthere are movements by many of the larger HRMS vendors such as PeopleSoft andSAP to make their systems more adaptable to outside systems like applicanttracking programs.

In some cases, large HRMS vendors are even teaming with individualapplication vendors to provide functionality, such as applicant tracking, withintheir main HRMS application. For the time being, customers will need toanticipate additional programming expense to facilitate the flow of data fromthe ATS application directly to the HRMS/payroll, either through the ATS vendoror through an independent consultant.

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For the company that wishes the greatest ease in moving data to externalsystems, an applicant tracking system that is set up in database format isessential. This type of format not only allows pinpoint selection of data butalso makes it easier for programmers to write accompanying software to move databetween different systems.

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