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Dear Workforce Private Info on the Company Intranet

Not a great idea, unless you want recruiters and competitors to have access to key information.
December 10, 2000
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Dear Workforce:

My company has a Web site and our Vice President thinks it is a good idea topost our employee newsletter on this site. Some of the information in thenewsletter is employee's length of service and revenue information fordepartments.

I was under the impression that this area was going to be password-protectedfrom the public. But I became aware that it is not. Do you think that this kindof information could cause serious repercussions for the company? Are there anyprivacy issues that could come up with having this on the open internet? What ifdates of birth (excluding the year) are listed?

-- Laurie Haywood, HR Coordinator


A Dear Laurie:

Posting your company newsletter on a Web site that has public access is amajor mistake.

Recruiters from agencies or competitor companies routinely look at othercompanies’ Web sites as a way to glean information or names of potentialrecruits. I am sure if your employees start getting calls from these sources andfind out that the information was obtained from the newsletters, they will notbe very happy.

You also make it very easy for the outside recruiters to poach your people.


SOURCE: Mike Sweeny, T. Williams Consulting,Collegeville, PA.

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