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Dear Workforce Where Is Cell-Phone Driving Illegal

Nowhere now, but legislatures are hard at work on it.
April 9, 2000
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Dear Workforce:

How many states ban the use of cell-phones while driving?
--Sherry Scallon, Sr. Human Resource Generalist at Nelson Communication Inc. in Lawrenceville,NJ


Dear Sherry:

Your pizza-delivering employees can keep chatting away, at least under the law. No state bans it.

California, Florida and Massachusetts do place restrictions on it.

  • In CA, there are rules requiring rental cars to provide safety instructions for cell-phone users.
  • In FL, there are rules that say you must be able to hear surrounding sounds from at least one ear (in other words, no headphones, I guess).
  • In MA, you must have one hand on the wheel at all times.

In the city of Brooklyn, OH, and in a couple of Pennsylvania towns, they're banning or trying to ban the use of cell phones. In addition, 24 states are considering bans.

For more information, check out this item in the Research Center:


SOURCE: Todd Raphael, Online Editor for Workforce, and the National Council of State Legislatures, March 9, 2000.

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