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Workforce Management February 4, 2008

February 5, 2008
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SHRM Finds Itself at a Crossroads
by Mark Schoeff Jr.
The Society for Human Resource Management has grown into a massive entity, wielding huge financial reserves, a broad membership base and considerable political power. But as SHRM chief executive Susan Meisinger steps down and the organization embarks on a review of its strategy, it remains to be seen whether the not-for-profit organization can answer detractors who say that it doesn’t serve the executives and senior officials who are the heart of today’s push for a more strategic role for HR.

Firms Winging Phased Retirement
Stories by Michelle V. Raftor
Pension reforms that might have eased the creation of formal staged retirement programs have instead forced employers to take an ad hoc approach or devise new arrangements so older employees can continue working while collecting payouts from defined-benefit plans.

The Last Word
Kudos to ... Wal-Mart?!
John Hollon
 In the Mail
Intel’s forgotten culture
From our readers

 Unions Reverse Decline
Proportion of union workers is up for the first time in decades, but jobs are more likely to be low-wage. Passing on Medical Gaffes: Insurers dig in against paying for preventable hospital 'never events.' Pushing Pay Bias Ahead: Economic stimulus aside, senator touts his Fair Pay Restoration Act. Happy Hiring: Recruiters agree that recession talk hasn't hurt workforce planning—yet. 5 Questions: Ex-FEMA chief Michael Brown. Legal Briefings: Substance abuse; union fliers. Event Calendar: Key conferences and forums. The Hot List:  Temporary staffing firms. Data Bank: Concentrated pain.

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