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Workforce Management May 2005

April 29, 2005
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Where paying dues delivers
By Douglas P. Shuit
Lea Soupata rose from truck driver to senior vice president of people programs at UPS, becoming one of the highest-paid female human resources executives in the nation in the process. It’s a success story, but it’s also just how things are at UPS, where people routinely work their way up from the bottom.

State of the Sector: Recruitment & Staffing
By Jonathan Pont
Employers get smarter about using the Web and strengthen employee referral programs. Meanwhile, companies that match job seekers and employers report that business is picking up.

Six easy pieces
By David Creelman
HP’s Gerard Brossard discusses a six-step process that helps the company develop a strategic workforce plan supportive of its business strategy, whether that’s the development of new products or an aggressive growth plan for China. 

With flextime, less can be more
By Charlotte Huff
Some employers are finding that part-time arrangements pay off in improved recruitment and retention of talented workers--and in greater productivity despite shorter hours. 

Between the Lines
The bully backlash
Isn't it a given that those who manage others are expected to be kinder, more understanding, more civil and, yes, less rude?
  Reactions From Readers
Time to get personal
"Nothing against ads, but Wal-Mart needs to enlist its own employees as ambassadors in their communities."

In This Corner
Legal gender bending
Can an employer treat female employees differently than male employees and still comply with federal "equal treatment" requirements?

Legal Briefings
Employee, fired while in rehab, has ADA and FMLA claims. Pre-hire medical exams under the ADA.

Nike opens up on contractors
By providing detailed information on contract factories, it hopes to improve workplace monitoring and compliance. Also: Wal-Mart throws it managers a lifeline. Age suits find new footing. Who's minding employee data? A proposed IRS rule on phased retirement. Novel ideas for older workers. Pension reform lags. CFO's take more control.  Hot List: Top relocation service providers.
Legal issues
Sex talk and shop talk
If a ruling involving a suit by a "Friends" staffer is upheld, even workplaces where the discussion of potentially offensive matters is part of the job might have to crack down, defense attorneys say.

The smart-hiring horizon
Unicru has been a heavy hitter for companies seeking the rigorous pre-hire assessments of hourly workers. Now it’s trying to take that success to the salaried world.

Retirement Benefits
Taking stock
Amid lawsuits, companies rethink offering company stock in their retirement plans. They also are considering doing away with lock-ins and other restrictions on shares.

Medical  Benefits
Care that’s close
Companies including Sprint, Toyota and Pitney Bowes are finding that on-site or "near-site" clinics can deliver both medical-cost control and better care.

The demands of "on demand"
Cross-training, identifying needed skills and boosting interdepartmental cooperation are key to IBM’s responsive business strategy.


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