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IDear Workforce-I Are Flexible Schedules a Good Benefit for Long-term Employees

Flexible schedules can be tremendously popular -- but it might not be a good idea to base it on tenure.
October 6, 2000
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QDear Workforce:

Have you ever heard of a benefit that rewards associates with theschedule of their choice based on tenure (such as two years) and performance(such as top 5-10%)?

-- Normand Carter

A Dear Normand:

In most companies, schedules of choice (flexible work schedules) are tied topast performance, not tenure.

The latter could impede hiring someone capable who either needs or wants towork from home, or who wants to have a flexible schedule or a schedule withunusual hours. In this day and age (of a lot of working fathers and mothers)telecommuting and flexible hours are a very popular benefit and recruiting tool.

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SOURCE: Work/Life Benefits, Cypress, CA.

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