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iDear Workforce -iHow is the Secretary-Boss Relationship Changing

The boss is doing her own typing.
November 22, 2000
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Dear Workforce:

I recently heard that the traditional secretary/boss relationship is startingto go through some much-needed changes. These changes are being prompted byadvanced technology. The basic philosophy was that you built a team consistingof a project manager, an administrative assistant, typists and fileclerks/receptionists. I am wondering if you would know where I could find outmore information about this trend.

-- Bev Matheson

A Dear Bev:

The trend today is to expand the roles of all players on the administrativeteam. Bosses now have computers on their desks and often carry laptops. They domuch of their own typing, designing, tracking, and project management.

When they have project managers, these people work as partners, rather thansubordinates. An administrative assistant, totally involved and technologicallysupported, can do the work of the traditional AA, typists, and file clerks.

With fewer people available and more productive technology, everyone willplay a more "hands-on" role.

SOURCE: Roger Herman, CEO of the Herman Group andauthor of "KeepingGood People," "Lean& Meaningful," and "Howto Become an Employer of Choice."

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