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IDear Workforce -II Found My Employee's Resume Online

What do you do when you learn they're looking?
January 16, 2000
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Dear Workforce:

What do you do if you find one of your employees’ resumes online?


Dear Kim:

First of all, do not over-react. As HR managers, we know that employees are looking for jobs. Today, employees are often faced with tumultuous changes in their work situations due to mergers, acquisitions and changes in corporate strategic directions that are completely out of their control.

We want to retain employees as much as possible; however, it is sometimes necessary for an employee to take the initiative to manage their own career. As a result, employees become passive job seekers to keep informed of opportunities in the job market. Posting their resume on a leading job site is one way for employees to be in tuned with current suitable opportunities in case the need arises.

A more important question to Corporate America is not why an employee is looking for a job; but what are the best ways to keep highly, talented employees?

SOURCE:, Los Angeles, CA, December 1999.

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