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March 28, 2002
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W hen Fortune 1000 executives were asked in a recent survey what theiremployees need, they said access to more information to help them do their jobswell, a better understanding of corporate strategy, and more skills to help themcollaborate across team and organizational boundaries. E-learning offersefficient, involving, cost-effective ways to achieve all these goals:

Capella University
CCH Incorporated
Element K
Questium eUniversity

Capella University

222 S 9th St, 20th Floorr
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Online University Education for Leadership Development
While high-tech companies have long nurtured intellectual capital, companiestoday of all types recognize they are in the business of creating value throughapplied knowledge. Even small corporations have surprisingly diverse needs forup-to-date knowledge and skills.

As a result, many organizations are turning to university partners who canhelp meet these education needs. Capella University, founded in 1993, is aleader in bringing together academic rigor, business relevance, and onlineconvenience to create profound learning experiences for working adults.Recognized as a leading provider of accredited online education, Capella is theonly fully online university listed in the 2001 U.S. News Best Online GraduateBusiness Programs.

One of the few universities offering such a broad range of online bachelor’s,MBA, master’s, and Ph.D. degree programs, including the only master’s degreeprogram for corporate training professionals, Capella helps corporate partnersaddress their most pressing development needs:

  • Developing leaders. Building the next generation of leaders with theskills and perspective to deal with rapid change can be a great developmentchallenge. Capella’s online MBA program develops general management skills andoffers further specialization in seven key areas, including leadership,e-business, and marketing and brand management.

  • Updating skills. Keeping specialized skills current -- or acquiring newcompetencies -- requires access to a rich inventory of courses that are closelyattuned to the latest theories and marketplace realities. Capella offers morethan 400 courses taught by experts who combine academic credentials andreal-world experience. While many other e-learning programs ignore what is often viewed the most valuable componentof the educational experience, Capella’s programs foster interaction withfellow professionals, enriching the learning environment.

  • Deepening expertise. Capella’s graduate programs enable professionalsto have a greater and immediate business impact in their chosen field. Capella’sbachelor’s completion degrees in business and information technology allowprofessionals to apply new skills on the job as they round out their education.Executives use its Ph.D. programs to advance knowledge in high-impact areas.

Whether you’re looking for specific content for leadership development orprograms to update your employees’ skills, Capella can provide a solution. Tolearn more about the impact Capella University can have on your organization,call us toll-free at 1-888-CAPELLA and ask about our corporate programs.

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CCH Incorporated

4025 W Peterson Ave
Chicago, IL 60656-6085

CCH’s Shared Learning: An Interactive Employee Training System
Employees often wonder: What is considered appropriate speech, action, orbehavior in the workplace? CCH INCORPORATED®, a leading provider of humanresource information, has collaborated with Jackson Lewis, a top employment lawfirm in the country, to create a computer-based training system that educatesemployees on today’s important workplace issues.

Shared Learning is a one-to-one, interactive employee training system thatdelivers authoritative instruction on key workplace liability issues. Itprovides the means to document performance that can be used in a court of lawand demonstrate a "good faith" effort towards compliance.

Shared Learning contains engaging scenarios, discussions, and explanations toassist busy HR professionals. The Shared Learning system’s Administrator’sModule enables human resources to control access to the system and monitor eachemployee’s progress in completing the learning modules. Entire departments canbe tracked as well.

Shared Learning allows for simple access to courses via the Web, withoutdownloading additional CDs, software, or plug-ins. Employees can access thecourses on their own schedule from any location and receive the same, consistentquality of instruction.

Current courses available:

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Employees andManagers/Supervisors
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Training for Employees andManagers/Supervisors
  • Discrimination and Harassment Training for Employees andManagers/Supervisors
  • E-mail and Internet Use Training for Employees and Managers/Supervisors
  • Interviewing and Hiring Training for Managers/Supervisors
  • Discipline Training for Managers/Supervisors
  • Termination Training for Managers/Supervisors

Available soon:

  • Workplace Substance Abuse Prevention Training for Managers/Supervisors
  • Managing Disability Leaves for Managers/Supervisors

Each of the Shared Learning training modules covers a specific topic, withseparate versions geared towards employees and supervisors. Each module answersquestions on the proper way employees and supervisors are expected to conductthemselves, and the proper way to handle situations. The system comes ready touse or can be customized for companies. It is easy to incorporate and priced tofit well within most HR budgets.

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Element K

500 Canal View Boulevard
Rochester, NY 14623

Bringing the Human Touch to E-Learning
In 1996, Element K™ became the first company to offer interactive,self-paced information technology training online. But, we have a 20-yearheritage in classroom teaching. So we understand what it takes for adults tolearn. And we’ve taken everything we know to create an e-learning experiencethat’s warm, welcoming, and personal.

  • Our 800 online courses cover a wide range of technology and businesstopics.

  • Our e-learning features highly interactive and engaging courses withvirtual lab technology (vLabs®), streaming video simulations, self-pacedtutorials, instructor-led training, and 24/7 technical support via live chat,email, and telephone.

  • 72 percent of Fortune 100 companies and more than 36 percent of Fortune1000 companies utilize Element K’s e-learning or courseware offerings.

KnowledgeHub™: Element K’s Learning Management System (LMS)
Entrusting students to online learning can be a bit unnerving. How good isthe content? Will they become engaged? Will they stick with it? KnowledgeHub™,our next-generation LMS, provides solutions to all of these concerns. Its designcomes directly from our experience in training more than four millionindividuals.

KnowledgeHub is a scalable, flexible, and modifiable system. It providestraining administrators with unprecedented utility and control, while offeringstudents a new level of personalization, enrichment, and motivation. It is fullyhosted at Element K, so your IT staff won’t have any hardware or softwareconcerns -- and you’ll be up and running in no time. Best of all, KnowledgeHubgrows and adapts as you do: it can be integrated with your existing HR orback-office systems; your organization’s custom content can be included; theClass/Event registration management system practically runs itself; and as newfeatures are added -- which is happening all the time -- they automaticallybecome available to you.

Best-in-Class Services
Finally, Element K supports our e-learning with a level of service andattention to detail that our customers truly appreciate. But then, what elsewould you expect from the company that brings a human touch to e-learning?

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Questium eUniversity


Questium eUniversity: Ensures the Maximum Return on Each Training Dollar

Saving Money Is Just One of Many Benefits
In today’s fast-paced, budget-restricted environment, employers needtraining programs that meet multiple business objectives. Questium eUniversityoffers your company a valuable opportunity to lower expenses: E-Learning canreduce your face-to-face training costs by as much as 50 percent. Eliminatetravel costs and hours of classroom time while your employees learn to worksmarter.

Questium eUniversity rapidly delivers more than 200 high-quality, Web-basedcourses and seminars. Leadership, Human Resources, Basic Communication, SalesFundamentals, Litigation Prevention -- these are just a few of many businessissues addressed by nationally recognized subject matter experts. QuestiumeUniversity is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at home or at theoffice.

• Empower Your Employees
Why waste expensive employee hours having them review content they’vealready mastered? Questium’s pre-test system identifies areas for improvementand delivers only the content needed to complete an employee’s skill set;Questium reduces unnecessary training time.

Research shows that lack of training and development is the second mostcommon reason employees quit their jobs. We have your solution to employeeretention and growth -- Questium eUniversity.

• Demonstrate Efficiency in Action
Questium’s Learning Management System tells you more than simply whichemployees took a course. The HR manager or training specialist can analyzeemployees’ use of training programs, monitor course tests, and generateemployer documentation and employee completion certificates. Your company isable to track individual, team, and organizational results. The organization isrewarded with enhanced efficiency and more productive, knowledgeable workers.

• Try Questium eUniversity -- at No Cost
For a limited time, Questium eUniversity is offering a no-cost trial. Formore information about this offer and Questium eUniversity, please visit or call (800) 327-7526.

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