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Special Advertising Section: Delivering benefits doesn’t have to be an HR dilemma. The companies in the following section offer benefits programs that please employees, help organizations run more smoothly, and are a snap for HR to administer.

June 3, 2002
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Once,companies just had to supply basic medical coverage benefits, and perhaps somelife and disability insurance to keep employees happy. But as competition foremployees grew, companies began offering a wider array of benefits to attractand retain talented, hard-working people.

    What does that mean for HR? More choices, more costs, and more complicationsin delivering and managing benefits programs. It’s enough to make an HRprofessional wish for the good old days.

    But delivering benefits doesn’t have to be an HR dilemma. The companies inthe following section offer benefits programs that please employees, helporganizations run more smoothly, and are a snap for HR to administer:


One Madison Ave
New York, NY 10010-3690

With MyBenefits, employees can easily stay up-to-date on theirbenefits and make important decisions -- all in one place

   Helping employees with their benefits is a time-consuming process. Butnow your employees can manage many of their own benefits online, givingyou the freedom to focus on other strategic issues. MyBenefits fromMetLife provides the tools employees need to understand their benefits andmake informed decisions -- from home or at the office.

    MyBenefits delivers access to a broad array ofproducts in one convenient place, where employees’ benefit informationis personalized, up-to-date and easy to use*. It provides employees withthe information they want, when they want it, in a secure environment. Andthe more they know about their benefits, the more employees can appreciatethe value they add to their financial plan.

    To help employees make informed decisions,MyBenefits offers a variety of decision-making tools. With the LifeInsurance Calculator, they’ll be able to figure out the right amount ofinsurance to meet their individual needs. They’ll also get online accessto our award-winning Life Advice® series, an information resource aboutspecific life events that will help them deal more effectively with life’schanges.

    With MyBenefits, employees can perform a widevariety of functions through one user-friendly site. Depending on theproduct, they can evaluate their current needs, consider options forcoverage and cost, get a quote, and enroll on the spot. MyBenefits canalso let them view what is covered by their plan, check on claim status,and see payment details.

    MetLife also provides you with the communicationtools you need to get your employees on board with MyBenefits. Thisincludes helpful announcements, registration instructions, and reminders.

    To get MyBenefits for your company, contact yourMetLife representative or benefits consultant today. A demonstration canbe arranged to show how this valuable Internet site will make life easierfor you and your employees.

*MyBenefits provides access to products which are underwritten orprovided by MetLife, its affiliates and other companies not affiliatedwith MetLife.

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MediFitCorporate Services
131 Madison Ave
 Morristown, NJ 07960
A MediFit Innovation

    Using field-tested techniques based on behavior change theory, MediFithas created the Virtual Fitness Center at -- thefirst-of-its-kind virtual physical activity program. Through the VirtualFitness Center at, many non-exercisers who were "contemplating"or "preparing" to become more active moved into preparation and actionstages in their exercise pursuits through walking, running, or otherphysical activity that includes golf, gardening, or simply washing thecar.

    This program contains all the support activities that top-quality,well-designed behavior change programs need:

  • Goal setting
  • Rewards for participants
  • Incentives
  • Daily activity logging
  • Social support
  • Motivation

How The Virtual Fitness Center Works
    Through virtual teams and self-appointed team captains, participantslog minutes for points in friendly competition against other employeeteams in their company. The turnkey programs, fully hosted online byMediFit, moves all administrative functions online and frees the healthmanager from hours of organization, tedious paperwork and tallying.Organizations receive aggregate reports of progress and participation, yetindividual information remains entirely confidential.

    Employees register online and take a self-assessment to see where theyfit in terms of current physical activity levels. From this initialgrouping, they are prompted to set realistic goals and stick to them.Automatic, tailored emails are triggered as participants reach milestones.Companies may choose to offer various prizes to reward those who reachtheir goals individually and as teams.

The Virtual Fitness Center:

  • Fosters teamwork and reaches all employees via the Internet.
  • Provides periodic online program evaluations and reports.
  • Is customized for your company and can be linked to your humanresource and benefits information.
  • Offers daily health information.

    Virtual Fitness Center programs are based on a tested and publishedprogram model developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Preventionand tested by the National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity (NCPPA).

See for yourself:
    Take a tour of the Virtual Fitness Center at byclicking on Or call for more information: RickBaldwin, (973) 540-1800 ext.103.

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1 Fountain Sq
Chattanooga, TN 37402

Absence Management Solutions That Work For Your Company

UnumProvident understands the challenges facing employers in the newmillennium, from managing increases in the cost of healthcare tomaximizing employee productivity.

As the leader in income protection* and a pioneer of innovativeprograms that help employees get back to work, UnumProvident has a fullrange of absence management solutions your company can access to meet yourgoals:

  • Comprehensive products and services: Our group and individualincome protection solutions include built-in return-to-work andrehabilitation support for our customers.

  • Corporate return-to-work program development resources: Ourprograms have helped customers achieve a 15 to 35 percent reduction inlost work days and related reductions in healthcare costs.**

  • Expert claim management: Our claim management model and scale areunmatched in the industry. We quickly triage claims based on expectedduration and type of injury or illness -- much as a hospital admits andtreats patients -- bringing to bear extensive clinical and specialtyresources.

  • FMLA leave management: A specialized leave administration unitprovides expert tracking and reporting, legal updates, compliance review,and coordination with processing of short-term disability claims.

  • Integrated Disability Management: We coordinate occupational andnon-occupational programs for consistent administration of disability andworkers’ compensation claims, providing early claim intervention andintegrated reporting.

  • Comparative reporting and analysis: UnumProvident manages moredisability claims than any other company*, so we have the experience tohelp employers understand trends, claim results and comparative data --and we have the tools to help them create plans that reduce benefits costsand improve employee productivity.

Effective absence management is all about a commitment toreturn-to-work. It’s about applying expertise. And it’s aboutpartnership. UnumProvident can help you create absence managementsolutions that work for your company.

* UnumProvident represents multiple insuring subsidiaries ofUnumProvident Corporation and includes the #1 group and individual incomeprotection carriers in the United States and Canada, according to EmployeeBenefit Plan Review, May 2001 and LIMRA, April 2002.

** Based on results reported by our current customized return-to-workprogram customers. Individual results may vary.

Insurance products are underwritten and sold, and services provided, bythe subsidiaries of UnumProvident Corporation. Not all companies dobusiness in all jurisdictions. In New York, insurance products are offeredby First Unum Life Insurance Company, Provident Life and CasualtyInsurance Company and The Paul Revere Life Insurance Company.

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StandardInsurance Company
900 SW Fifth Ave
Portland, OR 97204

    Standard Insurance Company is a subsidiary ofStanCorp Financial Group, Inc., a Fortune 1000 company with assets of $7.3billion and $1.6 billion in annual revenue. Standard Insurance Company isa leading provider of employee benefits products and services. TheStandard offers group disability, life and dental insurance and retirementplans, and insures more than 33,000 groups covering over 5.6 millionemployees nationwide.

    Founded in Portland, Oregon, in 1906, we wrote ourfirst group insurance policy in 1951. This plan remains in force today asa testament to our commitment to building long-term relationships. We alsohave earned a solid reputation for quality products, expert resources,innovation, and strong financial performance. The Standard is dedicated tomeeting the insurance needs of each policyholder and providing superiorcustomer service at every opportunity.

    For more information about The Standard, contactyour local Standard Insurance Company Employee Benefits Sales and ServiceOffice at (800) 633-8575, or visit our Web site at

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500 Old Connecticut Path
Framingham, MA 01701

Benefits Enrollment by Workscape

   Last year, Workscape’s Benefits Enrollment product enabled over 1.5million employees at some of the country’s largest companies to enrollvia the Web. There’s still time for you to Web-enable your benefitsenrollment for this year. Workscape’s Web-based Benefits Enrollmentproduct is scalable and flexible, so whether you are a company of 3,000 or300,000 it can accommodate your time frame and your budget.

    Web-based self-service liberates Human Resources from thetime-consuming preparations and transactions associated with benefitsenrollment. It also empowers employees to manage their own enrollmentprocess and update their benefit elections that reside in your company’sinformation systems.

Workscape’s Benefits Enrollment product delivers:

  • Secure "Web-top" access to benefits enrollment information andtransactions for employees.

  • Eligibility calculations based on your company’s enrollmentcriteria, ensuring that employees are only presented with benefit choicesavailable to them.

  • Online access to benefit plan descriptions and primary careprovider directories, so employees can conveniently locate local membermedical practitioners.

  • Flexible online help and screen text that is easily customized tofocus on client-specific communication needs.

  • Integration with PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle, and other back-officesystems.

  • Interfaces to a long list of benefit plan providers.

About Workscape
    Workscape builds Internet solutions for Human Capital Management (HCM)and employee benefits administration, which strengthen relationships amongemployers, employees, and HR suppliers. In addition to its award-winningemployee portal, the company develops HR self service, workforcemanagement, and other workplace e-commerce solutions that driveproductivity gains and improve overall employee satisfaction. Workscapesolutions have been deployed at over 300 major corporations representingalmost 10 million employees worldwide. The Cedar 2001 Human Resources SelfService/Portal Survey recognized Workscape as the most widely usedsolution in North America for human resources self service with 31 percentof the market. For the third year in a row, Workscape is the leader.

877-wrkscape; (877) 975-7227

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