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May 20, 1999
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Disabilities -- Americans With Disabilities Act, accommodations

Disabilities -- Americans With Disabilities Act, accommodations.

Discrimination and EEOC Compliance -- Age, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation.

Employee Leave -- Family and medical leave, jury duty, leaves of absence, sabbaticals, time off to vote.

Finance/Taxes -- ERISA, financial liability, IRS, pensions, recordkeeping law, tax credits

Global Employment Law -- Law for multinationals or companies w/expatriates.

Harassment -- Sexual and other harassment. Other "hostile environment" law.

Immigration -- I-9 forms, INS, visas.

Labor Relations -- arbitration, employer/employee relations, National Labor Relations Act, unions, non-union shops.

Medical Benefits Law -- COBRA, HIPAA (health insurance portability), other benefits law.

Miscellaneous Legal Issues -- First Amendment, defamation, intellectual property, privacy, legal issues and trends.

Safety and Workplace Violence -- OSHA, violence, other safety/security liability issues.

Staffing and the Law -- Background checks, hiring, non-compete agreements, references, WARN Act (layoffs).

Substance Abuse -- Alcoholism, drug testing.

Technology and the Law -- E-mail liability, Internet/Intranet/Extranet Liability, Y2K.

Wages and Hours -- Breaks, exempt vs. non-exempt, minimum wage, overtime, salaries and payroll, teen labor, more.

Workers’ Compensation -- Workers' Comp and related information.

Wrongful Discharge -- Employment at Will, employment contracts, retaliation, termination, whistleblowers.

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