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Let Us Give Thanks

November 10, 2000
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What we're thankful for this November:
  • The vision of our Gen-X employees may be bad from growing up in front ofcomputer screens, but laser eye surgery is getting cheaper.
  • Our stock in Amazon, Ask Jeeves and (and all the rest) can't getmuch lower.
  • Goodyear.
  • A member of the HR profession, Richard Hatch, was the sole"Survivor."
  • The Olympics have gotten so good at drug testing, they’re taking goldmedals from people who’ve taken cold medicine.
  • Toll-free help lines to HRMS providers.
  • The United Nations has realized that helping cure world poverty will helpachieve world peace.
  • Telephones -- still much better for talking than e-mail.
  • eBay.
  • We never hear the phrase "Total Quality Management" anymore.
  • We don't always get a busy signal anymore when we dial into AOL.
  • At last, an answer to the labor shortage – cloning.
  • You all like our e-mail newsletter so much, you e-mail to tell us when it’s late.
  • United Airlines' labor problems may be ending.
  • The 2004 presidential election is just beginning.

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