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LinkedIn Recruiter Software Offers New Features

New features let LinkedIn's corporate customers measure their effectiveness on the network, among other things.

November 8, 2012
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Didn't make it to LinkedIn's corporate user conference held in Las Vegas in October? No worries. Here's a rundown of recent updates to the company's newly rebranded Talent Solutions offerings, including its mainstay LinkedIn Recruiter software, now used by 13,700 companies worldwide:

Talent Brand Index: LinkedIn jumped on the employer-branding bandwagon with the index, which measures how many of its 187 million users sign up to follow a corporate client's profile page, click through to its career page or view its job openings elsewhere on the site. LinkedIn expects companies to use the index to gauge how well their employer brand stacks up on the network against competitors or for specific job openings or regions.

Talent Pipeline: This free LinkedIn Recruiter add-on lets recruiters keep notes on prospective candidates' profiles and track their progress through the hiring process. Available since April, about half of LinkedIn Recruiter now uses it, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner told HR professionals at the 2012 user conference.

Follower Search: Another new feature of LinkedIn Recruiter lets companies see every LinkedIn member following their company, all the better to convert them from warm lead to prospective candidate.

Sponsored Jobs: In addition to paying for job listings, LinkedIn corporate customers now can bid in auctions for the top spot in the "Jobs You May Be Interested In" box that appears on every member's home page, jobs that are tailored to match a member's career interests and education background. Sponsored jobs bids start at $1, according to LinkedIn spokesman Richard George.

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