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Looking to Hire Happy People

Looking to Hire Happy People

January 27, 1999
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Are you interviewing for an opening, and looking to hire people who are happy? Here is a partial listing of the top 40 characteristics of happy people (in no particular order):

  1. They let go of old emotional baggage.
  2. They live in the present moment.
  3. They forgive themselves and others.
  4. They laugh and smile a lot.
  5. They manage their expectations.
  6. They accept the process of their life.
  7. They count their blessings daily.
  8. They detach from outcomes.
  9. They accept others for who they are.
  10. They live without regrets.
  11. They are real, vulnerable and authentic.
  12. They share themselves with others.
  13. They do what they love, with love.
  14. They accept themselves for who they are.
  15. They take full responsibility for their life.
  16. They maintain balance in their life.
  17. They deal only in the truth.
  18. They control their thoughts.
  19. They have emotional maturity.
  20. They love life and live with passion.

Source: Tim Connor, author of The Road to Happiness is Full of Potholes. Connor Resource Group, Davidson, NC, January 4, 1999. Order this book now from ISBN 0960629688.

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