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Make Sure Technology Is Used by the Top Bananas

August 23, 1999
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Chances are, your employees are gung ho about new technology. But are your senior managers?

A recent study shows that 52% of workers favor time and attendance programs, but only 22% of senior execs do (meanwhile, only 38% of HR professionals do).

Similarly, while 47% of workers favored self-service software, only 14% of senior executives did. Online training also showed quite a gap.

There are a lot of lessons here, but one is the importance of making sure your higher-ups are comfortable with new technology.

It doesn't always matter whether they use it. But if they're not using it, they may not understand the powerful potential new technology has to save money, improve recruiting, save time, increase productivity, and free up people's time once used on administrative tasks in order to focus it on more strategic thinking.

Source: Ceridian Employer Services, Minneapolis, August 1999.

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