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Maximizing Your Energy Level

January 27, 2000
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Some suggestions for keeping yourself on task, whether it's fulfilling a New Year's Resolution or completing a business project.

  • Set up a system of mini-rewards. To get to our grander preferred future, it will take many small steps along the way. Set specific quantifiable goals with deadlines. Celebrate the little victories. Consider going out for ice cream or taking a walk. Have fun!
  • Recognize that progress comes in a zigzag fashion. Nobody takes a straight line up! Setbacks will occur. Learn and adapt from the setbacks and move on. Keep a journal of what you learned from something that went awry and write down how specifically you are going to minimize this happening again.
  • "Rotten apples" will try to take us off course. Some people will try to sabotage our efforts because they are jealous or spiteful. Minimize your interaction with "rotten apples" and don’t let them dissuade your dreams.
  • Learn, learn and learn. Self-education is the key to new ideas that can reinvigorate us and move us forward. Read books, listen to tapes, and go to seminars. Most importantly, develop an "action plan" after the tape, book or seminar detailing actions you’re going to take based on what you’ve learned. Move those action items onto your planning system.

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