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January 7, 2008
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The 2020 Workplace: How Innovative Companies Attract, Develop and Keep Tomorrow's Employees Today 

Is your company ready to succeed in the 2020 workplace? Join this webinar to learn how to develop a global mindset, adjust to an age-diverse workforce that is becoming increasingly mobile and how internal corporate social networks help create a culture of innovation.

Presented by GoToTraining

Available until July 26, 2012

Are Performance Reviews Dead?

If So, What's Replacing Them? 

In this webinar, Allan Schweyer, Partner and Principal for the Center for Human Capital Innovation (CHCI), answers questions about how to manage performance without performance reviews and looks at alternatives that are in place and working.

Presented by Taleo

Available until July 12, 2012

Keeping Quiet Doesn't Work

Best Practices for Total Rewards Communications

Attracting and retaining the best talent is more critical than ever. Cost effective compensation and benefit packages are only half the answer. Join this webinar to learn how Johns Hopkins Health System is communicating Total Rewards value to employees and then measuring results.

Presented by Benefit Software 


Available until June 20, 2012

Industry Insights: A Roundtable Discussion on the Health and Wellness Landscape

You need to make smart decisions so you can reduce healthcare costs for your employees and your organization. This webinar will feature a panel of industry leaders to answer your specific questions and emphasize strategies and best practices in employee health and wellness.

Presented by Virgin HealthMiles


Available until June 13, 2012

Alignment: Goals Alone Are Not Enough

Engaging employees is critical to their decision to stay, and alignment is the most effective way to help them understand their value to the organization. Join this webinar to hear methodologies that enable organizations to more effectively align company goals, people and work.

Presented by Workday


Available until May 31, 2012

Social Talent Management -- Strategies and Frameworks

Join this webinar to learn how to integrate social networking activities and concepts into your talent management and HR practices. Key topics will include social recruiting models, social learning and social performance management practices.

Presented by Taleo


Available until May 10, 2012

eLeading: Maximizing the Power of Global Virtual Teams

Today, more than 7 out of 10 teams in corporate America are virtual or remote. This webinar will help you understand the current workforce trends toward mobility and dispersion and offer important tips on how to effectively lead virtual teams.

Presented by GoToTraining


Available until April 25, 2012

Uncompromising Your Sales Force: Strategies to Reemerge Into Growth

To survive the past few turbulent years, companies tried many strategies to cover their markets with fewer people which left sales employees pushed beyond capacity. Join this informative webinar to learn how to retain your top performers and make them even more effective.

Presented by Varicent


Available until April 11, 2012

Blended Learning 2.0

Join this webinar to learn about a new model of blended learning that mixes formal, informal and social strategies to solve organizational performance challenges. The webinar uses case studies to demonstrate how you can effectively blend these strategies and show you how to evaluate and select the right method for your particular learning needs.

Presented by Taleo


Available until March 15, 2012

Total Workforce Visibility: HR As the Strategic Architect

Are you missing the opportunity to provide your executive team visibility into the workforce? Imagine the organizational transformation if you could provide real-time, actionable insight into your organization’s talent. Join this webinar to hear how you can use Workday to better understand your workforce, increase your HR team's authority, and make HR a true strategic partner in your organization.

Presented by Workday


Available until March 2, 2012

Leverage Core HR Data to Drive Best-in-Class Business Results

Research reveals how your organization can simultaneously reduce the burden on HR, improve employee satisfaction, and manage costs. Join this webinar to hear Jayson Saba from the Aberdeen Group share best-in-class practices in core HR management strategies. You'll learn how to virtually eliminate payroll errors, substantially reduce manual transactions that require HR staff intervention, and maximize employee satisfaction with HR services.

Presented by Kronos


Available until February 17, 2012

The Non-Trainer's Guide to Online Training Success

What do you really need to know to be a successful online trainer? Join Roger Courville, online training expert and author of The Virtual Presenter's Handbook, to get practical tips for engaging learners in a live online training session. Learn how to avoid the single biggest "gotcha" every new trainer makes and how to turn passive participants into active participants so you can significantly improve learner retention rates.

Presented by GoToTraining


Available until January 26, 2012

How Much is Employee Absence Costing You?  

Compelling research by Mercer reveals that the average cost of employee absence is the equivalent of 35% of base payroll. Attend this event to hear hard numbers on how unplanned absences, planned absences and extended leaves of absence impact labor costs, productivity and profitability. You'll walk away with actionable information on how to reduce the costs and impact of absence and improve your workforce productivity.

Presented by Kronos


Available until December 14, 2011

Aligning Reward Strategy with Business Strategy 

Are your reward plans and practices aligned with the priorities and demands of your business strategy? Making rewards strategic requires a fundamental understanding of business strategy and a framework for assessing the reward implications of a strategic plan. In this webinar, we will explore an approach and process for aligning reward strategy with business strategy and follow through with some specific cases and examples to see how the approach can be put to work in different scenarios.

Presented by Kenexa


Available until December 2, 2011

Delivering SaaS Globally:

Rolling Out Workday to the World

The human resource challenges facing a company like Flextronics are overwhelming. As an employer of more than 200,000 people across 30 countries, Flextronics truly has a massive, global workforce. After several mergers and acquisitions, plus organic growth, Flextronics found itself with 80 different HR systems around the world. Flextronics initially planned to centralize on a traditional installed system, but after many months of research and investigation, the HR and IT leaders decided instead to choose Workday’s SaaS solution.

Presented by Workday


Available until November 16, 2011

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