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Optimal Talent Flow

October 26, 2001
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Reprints powers enterprise-wide recruiting and optimizes talent flowfor Global 1000 companies. By employing the company's skills-based solution,large organizations can identify candidates with skills that match open positionsfaster, enabling talent to be strategically deployed and redeployed enterprise-wide.Recruitsoft utilizes an ASP model to deliver its recruiting solution. The company'sskills-based platform and ACE Methodology increase process quality to bringsubstantial bottom line savings and operational synergies to leading corporations.

    Recruitsoft offers a comprehensive workflow managementsystem that utilizes a self-service model to integrate the entire recruitingsupply-chain, effectively enabling true e-headhunting. As a result, Recruitsoftbenefits include faster time-to-hire, faster time-to-contribution, lower cost-per-hireand ultimately, increased quality of hires. In turn, this leads to increasesin retention, decreases in bad hires, and significantly higher levels of productivity.

    The company's robust ASP infrastructure leads the industrywith an uptime of more than 99.9 percent (third-party audited) and offers 24x7technical support, demonstrating Recruitsoft's leadership in reliable customerservice for Global 1000 companies. Recruitsoft has received many accolades,including: "Best Overall Customer Satisfaction."

-ERE Research, July 2001.

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