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PersonalCode Helps SCAN Match People and Jobs

As growth soared, Senior Care Action Network turned to PersonalCode Inc. for recruitment and hiring tools that helped create successful job fits.

January 8, 2002
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Some CEOs spend years positioning their companies for rapid growth. For Sam Ervin, CEO of SCAN Health Plan, the dream became a reality. In just six years, his health plan expanded from 8,000 members and $50 million in revenue to its current position of serving more than 50,000 members and revenues of $500 million -- a tenfold increase.

Today, SCAN Health Plan is the largest of four Social Health Maintenance Organizations in the United States. The not-for-profit company has become a leader in providing medical and social health care to seniors. Its goal: to help seniors successfully live at home for as long as possible.

The company's history of growth is exciting, but it did not come without significant challenges. Foremost among them: assembling the right leadership team.

When SCAN Health Plan was on the verge of significant growth, Ervin recognized that the leadership team in place did not have the skills to lead the company through a period of rapid growth. Assembling the right team involved several human resource challenges, including recruitment, selection, orientation, and team-building -- to name a few.

For help, Ervin turned to the "JoboPersonoMatch" process from PersonalCode Inc. He used the tools to recruit and hire the right people, create effective teams at executive and middle-management levels, and determine appropriate internal moves within his management ranks. He also used the tools to identify ways he could change his own management style to inspire more people and become a better leader.

Ervin says the PersonalCode tools have worked behind the scenes over the last 12 years to help propel SCAN Health Plan through a period of rapid growth that created change in the organization. "I was looking for a tool to help identify issues and challenges employees were facing in their jobs," he says. "I wanted to help employees get the most from their jobs and make substantial contributions to the company. I also realized this tool could help me understand how my leadership style and my preferences affect my job behavior."

Ervin says the tools, or inventories, are quite approachable. "Employees or prospective employees just answer the inventory questions, then receive a report full of valuable information. They appreciate the process and learn more about themselves and how they interact with others. If we're using the tools to profile a job, it's the same process: just answer the inventory questions and we get a report full of practical information that we can use."

Ervin likes the fact that PersonalCode inventories focus on preferences. The information is practical and helpful, and the inventories aren't personality tests, which don't necessarily tell people what they need to know to work together better.

"The tools have helped us match the right job to the right person," he says. "We are able to look at the behaviors required by a job and the personal preferences of our employees. This has saved us from assigning people to jobs that would have been a bad fit."

Ervin says that because PersonalCode is now accessible on the Web, SCAN will use it more often. "We'll do more person/person matches. And now that it's more user-friendly, employees will probably access it on their own more often."


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