2001 <i>Optimas Award</i> Winners

December 14, 2000

The Workforce Optimas Awards are a celebration of the power of human resources management. Annually, Workforce recognizes HR programs that have made their businesses better. The winners are selected in 10 categories: General Excellence, Competitive Advantage, Financial Impact, Global Outlook, Innovation, Managing Change, Partnership, Quality of Life, Service, and Vision. The winning programs are profiled in the March issue of Workforce magazine with additional information provided at Workforce online.

It is with great pleasure that Workforce celebrates the winners of Optimas Awards 2001:

General Excellence:
Sysco Corporation

Competitive Advantage:
WellPoint Health Networks

Financial Impact:
NCCI Holdings

Global Outlook:
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Province of New Brunswick

Managing Change:
National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA)

Blue Valley School District

Quality of Life:
Camping World, Inc.

IXOS Software

Acxiom Corporation