2014 Game Changer: Nathan Christensen

President and co-CEO, HRAnswerLink Inc., Portland, Oregon

August 3, 2014

With barely six months under his belt as president and co-CEO of HRAnswerLink Inc., it would be understandable if Nathan Christensen still asked basic office operations questions like, “Where are the paper towels?”Nathan Christensen

Though his résumé says March 2014, Christensen has been intimately involved with HRAnswerLink’s signature service, the HR Support Center, since its launch a decade ago.

The center now counts 55,000 users seeking advice and expertise regarding all manner of HR concerns. Citing a philosophy that HR is an area for innovation and not a constraint, Christensen, 35, is making the company an incubator for HR innovation. With his commitment to being a community leader and business innovator, HRAnswerLink internally has established employee loyalty and recognition programs, and social responsibility plans like volunteer hours and implementing ways to reduce carbon footprints.

And now he can set his sights on expanding clients’ worldview of HR — helping them become great places to work.