2013 Game Changer: Irene Perez

Deputy chief learning officer & executive director, Defense Department Intelligence Training and Education Board

August 11, 2013

Being the first at something in private industry is noteworthy but relatively common; leading the way to innovate and implement multiple new programs in the monolithic federal government—now that’s significant.

Irene Perez

Irene Perez is breaking new ground as she institutes programs to train the next generation of U.S. Defense Department intelligence workers. Because of her efforts to standardize learning for intelligence and security, training benchmarks match those from outside the department for the first time.

Perez, 37, also is the Defense Department’s technical lead for nationally accredited certification programs—also a first in the federal government, says Tim Clayton, director, Human Capital Management Office. Perez is participating in a program to establish a network to support and coordinate federal coaches across departments and agencies, which is being designed to allow the sharing of coaches across departments, rather than contracting them at a higher cost, Clayton adds.

Through her dedication, a mandatory certification program was instituted in March 2011, which was the first and only federal government certification ever accredited by a third party, according to her nomination form.

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