About Personnel Decisions International

PDI is an expert panelist participating in " Dear Workforce ."

January 2, 2001
PersonnelDecisions International (PDI) is a global consulting firm specializing inhuman resources strategy. 

   PDIhelps companies define, measure and develop the behaviors and capabilitiesneeded for success. 

   PDIoffers a range of services and products designed for individuals, teams andorganizations. The company has offices around the globe to help clients meettheir human resources needs on a local level.

   PDI’sofferings are based on research in the discipline of organizational psychology.The company boasts more than 450 consultants with master’s degrees or higher.About 150 consultants have Ph.Ds specializing in the psychology of work. 

   PDIhelps companies develop people strategeis that will help them achieve their business strategies; select employees around the world; assess managers andexecutives; provide multi-rater feedback to over 50,000 leaders, and deliverservices and products in 18 languages across more than 30 countries. 

Tocontact PDI, visit,call 800/633.4410, 612/904.7170,or e-mail