Bayer's Values Dictate Its Job-evaluation System

May 1, 1997
Pittsburgh-based Bayer Corps.' vision is to be a leader in the markets it serves and to be a major contributor to its worldwide parent company. It states that it will achieve its vision through a diversified, highly motivated workforce; by satisfying and retaining loyalties of its external and internal customers with an organization that fosters teamwork and is unencumbered by bureaucracy; by being environmentally responsible; and by being a good corporate citizen in the communities in which its workforce works and lives.
The following are Bayer Corps.' Value statements:
Our People
  • Rewarding performance with fair and competitive compensation
  • Investing in employee professional development and personal growth
  • Achieving management diversity by gender, race and culture
  • Encouraging and recognizing outstanding accomplishments.
Our Business
  • Satisfying the requirements of external and internal customers
  • Maintaining high ethical standards in all business actions
  • Encouraging and supporting among employees' entrepreneurial attitudes, opportunities seeking and applied creativity
  • Managing for the long term.
Our Organization
  • Assuring an organization unencumbered by bureaucracy
  • Delegating decision-making authority
  • Fostering teamwork and cooperation among organizational units worldwide.
Our Environment and Communities
  • Maintaining work environments in which employee health and safety are the highest priorities
  • Developing only products that can be manufactured, used and disposed of in an environmentally responsible way
  • Taking an active role in the communities in which we work and live.
SOURCE: Bayer Corp.
Workforce, May 1997, Vol. 76, No. 5, p. 40.