BEA Systems Enables Global Workforce with PeopleSofts Pure Internet HR and Portal

Looking to its current and future needs, BEA wanted to foster collaboration among its far-flung employees and managers.

June 20, 2002

BEA Systems, Inc. is one of the world's leading eBusiness infrastructure software companies, with more than 11,000 customers around the globe. Its BEA WebLogic® platform is the de facto standard for more than 2,100 system integrators, independent software vendors, and application service providers to provide complete solutions that fast-track and future-proof eBusinesses for high growth and profitability.

"I highly recommend PeopleSoft 8 to other companies. With their 100 percent web-enabled architecture, they've made a big leap ahead of other vendors. PeopleSoft has reinvented business software for the Internet, and is totally focused on serving us and their other customers."

Jeanette Pereira
IT Director for G&A Business Solutions Delivery,
BEA Systems

Computing Environment

  • Hardware: Sun/Unix
  • Database: Oracle

PeopleSoft Products

BEA Systems is riding an explosive wave of growth. The fastest software company in history to reach the $1 billion revenue mark, it grew 76 percent in its fiscal year 2001. With this type of growth, building a scalable human resources infrastructure is critical.

Looking to its current and future needs, BEA wanted to foster collaboration among its far-flung employees and managers. And to build an integrated HR system that would leverage information across the enterprise, reduce cost of ownership, and deliver universal access to employee information regardless of where the employee is traveling or where their office is based.

BEA licensed the full PeopleSoft 8 HRMS suite, and the PeopleSoft Employee Portal, to maximize the competitive advantage of their thriving workforce -- and to provide an HR infrastructure that would enable BEA to scale to a three-to-five billion dollar company.

BEA chose PeopleSoft HRMS to standardize their HR business processes, to eliminate non-value-added activities -- and to move towards a system where employees and managers could reduce costs and improve productivity by empowering them to access and act on information themselves -- over the internet. In line with these goals, BEA's human resources group would be freed to play a more strategic role in the enterprise.

No More Silos -- One Single Integrated Global System
As part of their phased implementation of PeopleSoft HRMS, BEA is eliminating 13 standalone information silos. For Jeanette Pereira, BEA's IT director for G&A Business Solutions Delivery, integration is flat-out "the number one benefit." Pereira says, "Integration is key -- not having to worry about application compatibilities and additional integration costs when we upgrade."

Pereira also notes the advantages of a portal built on a unifying internet architecture: "The gains are going to be tremendous. Single sign-on. One-stop shopping. Not having to teach every employee different login procedures. With PeopleSoft HRMS and the Employee Portal, we're setting up single processes across the company. So we can say, 'This is the way we do it, consistently, around the world.' We're confident that this is going to be a great achievement -- and a great cost savings for us. Today, you can go to Hong Kong and use exactly the same method you do if you're in Paris, or here at corporate HQ. Before, it was like, 'This is my system, that's your system.' Today, it's our system."

Enabling a Global Workforce
For Pereira, the PeopleSoft Employee Portal "makes a huge difference in terms of establishing a unifying look and feel -- a sense that it's just one system." Reports are available from the manager's home page. Intuitive navigation makes applications easily accessible. Says Pereira, "The portal gives our employees everything they need to do their jobs."

The Employee Portal lowers maintenance costs and provides a common, user-friendly infrastructure for employee and management needs. According to Pereira, "One true advantage of the portal is the ability for managers to get in there and be interactive with the system. In a lot of companies, managers just don't touch the HR system directly. They have an admin who goes in and runs reports for them, digs out information for them. With PeopleSoft, our managers are getting used to touching the computer, and to having all the information they need together in one place -- their home page."

And, whether the user is a manager or a rank-and-file employee, the portal provides a transparent interface to a wealth of HR data and transactions. "Our employees have never been 'inside' our HR system before; they wouldn't know how to use the actual applications to access or change their data. But with the Employee Portal, that doesn't matter. The portal gives them a single view of what they need, to do their jobs more efficiently. Through the portal, it looks and acts like a single 'My PeopleSoft' system."

Pure Internet, Paperless HR Self-Service
As BEA grew rapidly from a startup to a global player, it recognized the need to move away from a paper-based HR system. Explains BEA CIO Rhonda Hocker: "In our former HR system, we had change notices that required seven or eight signatures across the company. It could take months to route those around our different locations and geographies. PeopleSoft offers full-featured, personalized self-service for employees and managers through the portal. Employees can remotely manage their own records; managers can manage employees' activities. PeopleSoft removes the paper -- and the time that it takes to push the paper from place to place. It just takes that totally out of the picture, which is a real benefit for us."

Hocker continues: "We're looking carefully at cost savings, return on investment, as well as certain intangible benefits. But frankly, it doesn't take a lot of financial analysis to tell you that if you have to route a piece of paper to seven different people to get an approval and it takes six weeks, then when your people are able to go online to do it instantaneously, it's going to save you a lot of time and money."