Building a Good Work Ethic

Changing compensation, environment and standards will help.

January 28, 2000
Here are some suggestions to encourage employees to develop a good work ethic and enhance productivity:

  • Team oriented incentive-based compensation systems. When we give others an incentive to produce at a higher level, it spurs their creativity and desire to give their best.
  • Accountability, no matter how small. Put every person in charge of something. When we are given a sense of purpose, we can start to take pride in ownership of what we’re doing.
  • Create a team environment. Utilize goal setting to learn the aspirations of others and to try to find matches and opportunities within the company that will be mutually beneficial.
  • A flexible attitude. Cultivate a spirit of helpfulness and accommodating the unexpected.
  • Standards and expectations, not rules. Be clear about high standards, but give people the freedom to do their best.