Caterpillar Complies Necessary Competencies

April 1, 1994
During the Caterpillar business unit's career-development training process in Joliet, Illinois, the company compiled the following competencies as necessary for success within the reorganized, changing organization:

  • Interpersonal skills:
    Possesses team-building and leadership skills. Can effectively lead groups and facilitate group interaction
  • Problem-solving skills:
    Can analyze and use problem-solving approaches
  • Communication skills:
    Able to verbalize articulately, make presentations and write cogently
  • Leadership skills:
    Is recognized by peers as a natural leader. Accomplishes results without formal authority
  • Organization and planning skills:
    Able to manage time. Sets and achieves goals
  • Technical skills:
    Possesses education specific to assignments and job content. Understands and uses appropriate level of technical skills
  • Responsibility: Takes initiative.
    Accepts accountability for own work and additional tasks for the good of the group
  • Assertiveness:
    Able and comfortable with communicating openly and directly. Demonstrates self-confidence and awareness of others' perceptions
  • Flexibility:
    Able to adapt to organizational changes and changing market needs. Willingly considers new ideas and implements new ways of doing things
  • Judgment:
    Able to determine level of risk and appropriate action. Accepts accountability for significant decisions.

Personnel Journal, April 1994, Vol.73, No. 4, p. 100.

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