Ceridian Source 550A Powerful Combination of HR and Payroll Solutions

June 1, 1999
To succeed, organizations need to find ways to recruit and maintain the best employees. They need to have instant access to critical information about applicants, employees, payroll and benefits. They need to track government compliance in virtually every phase of their businesses. And they need to deliver state-of-the-art information services to employees throughout the organization.

Ceridian Source 500 HR/Payroll™ delivers all of this—and more—in a single, easy-to-use system. Source 500 provides a full complement of fully integrated capabilities that enable companies to streamline all their HR, payroll, benefits and recruiting tasks. It also works seamlessly with Ceridian's proven outsourced payroll-processing and tax-filing services to provide a total HR/payroll management solution.

HR Business Problem
Omni Resources is the largest Wisconsin-based information systems consulting firm. They provide consulting services to businesses in the Midwestern United States. Headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin, Omni also has locations in Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Madison and Green Bay. Payroll and human resources administration for over 450 consultants are handled out of their Brookfield corporate office.

Because Omni Resources is committed to delivering high quality services at competitive prices, internal benchmarking and analysis are extremely important. Omni wanted an integrated HR/payroll solution that could provide instant access to the reporting and analysis tools they need. At the same time, they wanted to continue benefiting from Ceridian’s outsourced payroll and tax services and Ceridian's commitment to excellent service. Omni Resources turned to their Ceridian representative to explore new solutions that would meet their needs and that wouldn't require extensive MIS changes or implementation resources.

The Solution
Omni Resources chose Ceridian Source 550 HR/Payroll™, the SQL Server version of Source 500. For Omni Resources, Source 550 HR/Payroll provides the HRIS functionality they want while allowing them to continue to benefit from Ceridian’s proven outsourced payroll and tax filing services.

The migration from Omni Resources’ previous HR/payroll solution to Source 550 took only a few weeks and went smoothly. In fact, Laurette Morrissey, accounting manager for Omni Resources says that Ceridian’s implementation team did far more than she expected. "Ceridian’s team was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. They clarified and explained every process and question we had in a personable way. It couldn’t have gone better," says Morrissey.

Even before the Source 550 system was installed, the quality of Ceridian’s ongoing customer service to Omni Resources had been outstanding. "I’ve had experience with other vendors," she explains, "but Ceridian’s service approach really makes them stand above the rest. I’ve always had wonderful service experiences with Ceridian, both through their Customer Service Center (CSC), and their Web site," she continues. "It’s so nice to know that Ceridian cares about their customers."

Real Impact
Morrissey explains that one of the primary advantages of Source 550 is the wide variety of features. "There's so much to it," she says, "including some very valuable reporting and tracking capabilities that our company hadn’t considered. The fact that we are now able to use these features will result in both cost savings and quality improvements for our company."

One feature Morrissey speaks highly of is Source 550’s integrated HR/payroll database. With an integrated database, users need to enter data only once. As a result, they eliminate duplicate data entry and improve accuracy because HR and payroll data flow together.

"Before implementing Source 550, we entered payroll data at a branch level and then re-entered the data later at the corporate office," explains Morrissey. "This process consumed valuable time, and there was always the possibility that some information was missed. Now, with one-time data entry, I expect a 30 to 40 percent savings in time and less chance of entry error."

As a growing company, it's important for Omni Resources to accurately track and gather critical HR and payroll data. With more than 400 standard reports and the capability to create custom reports using Seagate Crystal Reports®, an industry-leading report writer that is included with the system, Source 550 gives Omni Resources instant access to comprehensive data-tracking capabilities.

"Source 550 provides us with seemingly unlimited reporting features without the tedious manual process—which is a big help," explains Morrissey. "We can now more efficiently process and maintain complete check and work histories for each employee."

She continues: "There are many tracking features on the product that strategically benefit our HR and payroll departments. I know that our HR manager is excited about being able to track more complete benefits information, and I'm still learning about all of the payroll information we'll be able to track and access almost instantly."

Morrissey also speaks highly of Source 550’s powerful technology foundation. Based on current, industry-standard Microsoft® technology, Source 550 streamlines payroll processing tasks, reducing administrative burdens so companies can make the most of their in-house resources. "Not only does Source 550 allow us to easily gather more information, it does so quickly," she explains. The result is even more time savings—time that can now be spent on other critical business needs.

"One of the most important benefits that Source 550 provides for me," says Morrisey, "is less time waiting for information to download. We download payroll information from Ceridian on a regular basis, and I've noticed a significant reduction in the process time. In turn, that allows me to focus on other issues."

Source 550 is a flexible and customizable system, allowing companies to organize their HRIS in the way that works best for their company. Furthermore, the system works with additional Ceridian HRMS solutions. This makes it easier for customers to attach additional solutions to their HRMS. The result is a strong opportunity for additional productivity improvements without having to seek out other vendors.

Morrissey, for instance, expects that other Ceridian products will enhance Omni Resource’s HR and payroll departments in the near future. "As an IS business, it's important to maintain high technology standards and stay on the cutting edge of technology. Ceridian’s other HRMS solutions, particularly their Web-enabled products, will allow us to do so," states Morrissey.

"We're currently looking at providing all of our branches with read-only access to their HR and payroll data through Source 550. Eventually, we plan to use other Ceridian packages to manage time and attendance and provide self service—all through the Internet."

With Ceridian Source 550 HR/Payroll, Omni Resources has a productive combination of powerful HR and payroll solutions that will provide them with the technology and comprehensive capabilities they need—both now and in the future. "I absolutely consider Ceridian a long-term partner," shares Morrissey. "They've always been able to deliver on their promises where other vendors didn’t—first with a Windows®-based product, and now with Source 550. Source 550 is an amazing product, and I look forward to working with Ceridian and using their products in the future."