Dear Workforce What Questions Should We Ask During a Second Interview

We’ve narrowed our search for a new employee to two candidates. We’d like to call both back for second interviews. How do we make the right hiring choice?

September 7, 2011

Dear Asking:

If it's fairly clear that the candidates have the skills and experience necessary to get the job done, the second interview is a good time to assess if they "culturally fit" with the prospective company and department. Culture fit encompasses such things as:

  • How decisions are made and communicated

  • How risk-taking is rewarded or punished

  • How employees treat each other

  • Whether intradepartmental idea challenges are supported

The culture of an organization is its signature environment. Define your culture as it relates to the four items above. Then, identify the behaviors that employees need to succeed in that culture, and assess whether your candidates exhibit those behaviors.

Some organizations don't discuss cultural fitness when interviewing candidates. While the reason given for this approach is often "We don't want to scare off a potentially strong candidate," in the end, it is cultural fit that dictates the success, or lack of success, of an employee.

SOURCE: Kim Rutherford, regional vice president,Recruiting and Staffing Forum for more ideas.

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