Defined Contribution Plan Prevalence

A chart of the percentage of employers offering various retirement savings programs.

November 19, 2000
From a survey of 1,020 employers:

% of Employers

Matched savings/thrift plan:  
With 401(k) salary reduction


With 401(k) reduction and ESOP 2%
Without 401(k) salary reduction 2%
Unmatched savings/thrift plan:  
With 401(k) salary reduction 5%
Without 401(k) salary reduction <1%
Deferred Profit-Sharing Plan:  
With cash or deferred option 2%
With 401(k) salary reduction 4%
With salary reduction and cash option 1%
Without salary reduction or cash option 12%
Money purchase pension plan 10%
(or other unmatched plan with fixed  
employer contribution)
Subsidized stock purchase plan 12%
ESOP (stand-alone plan) 7%
Other (e.g., retiree health care account) 1%
 No defined contribution plan <1%

Source: Hewitt Associates, LLC

Workforce,November 2000, Vol. 79, No. 11, p. 70 -- Subscribenow!