Delta Dental, The Driving Force

October 30, 2002

If you want a dental program that offers a variety of programs placing an emphasis on prevention and flexible product options, then Delta Dental is something to look into.

A Tradition of Leadership
As America's largest and most experienced dental benefits carrier, Delta Dental ( has helped employers improve and maintain the oral health of their employees since 1954. A nationwide system of dental health service plans, Delta Dental offers employers, large and small, custom programs and reporting systems that provide employees with quality, cost-effective dental benefit programs and services.

The Delta system consists of 37 independent dental plans operating in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. About one quarter of all Americans with dental insurance enjoy the advantages and comprehensive protection afforded by Delta Dental coverage -- that's more than 42 million people in 75,000 employer groups across the nation. More facts about our healthcare leadership can be found on our Web site at

Dental benefits are now a mainstay in the benefits mix of many employers. More than three-quarters of respondents to a recent survey said they considered it important for a prospective employer to offer dental benefits.¹ While dental coverage is only one component of a benefits package, a comprehensive, well-administered dental program can be an asset in recruiting and retaining superior employees.

Delta Dental offers its members a unique advantage through contractual relationships with our network dentists that go far beyond traditional insurance. Our partnerships result in real solutions to oral health care with a focus on prevention. More facts about our healthcare leadership are at

 Here are some of the ways Delta Dental can put its unmatched industry experience to work for you:

Our Network Advantage
Three out of every four dentists in America are part of Delta Dental's Premier provider network, giving Delta the most extensive network of participating dentists in the nation. Affordable, appropriate care within the network comes as a result of unique cost management measures and contractual agreements with dentists, saving group purchasers and subscribers $2.6 billion in 2001 alone.

Delta Dental's comprehensive dentist network access enables you to meet your group's needs consistently, whether your employees are in the same state or spread across the country.

Something for Everyone
Delta Dental offers a variety of programs that range from managed fee-for-service and preferred-provider programs (PPOs), to dental health maintenance organizations (DHMOs) and point-of-service (POS) offerings. Customized programs can also be created to meet your needs.

As America's leading dental plan, Delta Dental can help you maximize the value of your dental program through well-designed programs with an emphasis on prevention, flexible product options, unrivaled network access and easy-to-read reporting.

DeltaUSA Delivers for Multistate Employers
Businesses with employees located in different parts of the country need a dental plan that can adapt to their business geography. DeltaUSA, Delta Dental's national dental benefits program, makes managing dental benefits easy, regardless of where your business is located. From coast to coast and everywhere in between, Delta Dental takes the hassle out of national account administration for customers. That's because we have years of experience delivering quality national programs to our groups and subscribers.

With DeltaUSA, you get uniform benefits from state to state and access to the nation's largest network of contracted dental providers, along with savings and satisfaction for both you and your employees -- no matter where they live or work.

DeltaUSA groups range in size from 11 subscribers to hundreds of thousands of individuals working in a variety of companies and organizations. Clients include everything from national trade associations and unions, to health care systems and Fortune 500 companies.

Through years of experience delivering national programs to a diverse group of multistate employers, your group program can be tailored to meet local needs and concerns. DeltaUSA offers four core products for our national program clients.

DeltaPremier USA, our national, managed fee-for-service program provides a comprehensive package of benefits, coupled with Delta Dental's cost management techniques. DeltaPremier features:

  • A provider network with more than 105,000 contracted dentists practicing in 128,000 office locations.
  • The freedom to choose any dentist.
  • A variety of incentives and lower out-of-pocket cost options when Delta Dental participating dentists are selected.
  • Dentists' fees are pre-approved against specified fee criteria for cost effectiveness.
  • No balance billing. Contracting dentists accept agreed upon fees.
  • No paperwork for patients to file.

DeltaPreferred Option USA, our national preferred provider program (dental PPO), is the solution for groups seeking lower cost advantages while providing subscribers with a high level of freedom of choice in selecting providers. DeltaPreferred Option USA offers:

  • A growing national network of more than 38,800 contracted dentists practicing in more than 47,000 locations.
  • Freedom to choose either a participating dentist or, for a higher out-of-pocket cost, any non-network provider.
  • Considerable cost savings when using a dentist who is a preferred provider in the Delta Dental network.
  • No paperwork for patients to file.
  • No balance billing. Contracted dentists accept agreed upon fees.

DeltaCare USA, our dental health maintenance organization (DHMO), extends subscribers access to a select group of DeltaCare dentists, with even greater cost savings for employers and the elimination of deductibles and annual maximums for subscribers. DeltaCare USA is the choice for groups seeking lower costs, an emphasis on prevention and a pre-selected network of dentists from which to choose. DeltaCare USA offers:

  • An increasing network of over 10,000 contracted dentists in more than 5,600 offices that are assessed for experience, range of service, location, accessibility and the ability to accommodate new patients.
  • Minimal and/or no patient co-payments for preventive care.
  • A quality, affordable dental benefits program.
  • Multi-year contracts with annual rate ceiling guarantees.
  • Detailed program management reports.

DeltaSelect USA is an excellent option for employers seeking a group voluntary (enrollee-paid) product. It offers a national network of dentists who have agreed to accept regional fee schedules and program policies.

Of course, we can easily combine our fee-for-service program with a dental PPO, dental HMO or both. Such dual- or triple-option programs can further lower costs and give subscribers a wider range of choices.

More information about DeltaUSA can be found at

Protecting Your Interests
Purchasers for groups of all sizes are seeking efficient cost management and streamlined administrative procedures that provide real, short-term and long-term savings. Delta's understandable management reporting means you receive easy-to-read actuarial, accounting and administration reports that are customized to meet your needs.

Delta Dental offers these advantages even in the most basic of program designs through efficient claims service, flexibility in program design, competitive prices and an extensive and effective network of participating dentists.

Among all major competitors, benefits decision-makers ranked Delta Dental highest in these critical areas:²

  • Customer service
  • Fast quality claims processing
  • Quality of care
  • Ease of plan
  • Number of dentists
  • Service reputation
  • Rate stability.

For more than 45 years, Delta Dental has led the way in controlling costs and savings for both employers and employees, year after year. To learn how you can maximize quality, value and performance with Delta Dental benefits programs, contact your broker, consultant or Delta Dental representative.


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¹Source: Taylor Nelson/Sofres Intersearch
²Source: The Long Group, 1998