FlipDog Flips Online Recruiting on End

Special Advertising Section: Yum! brands tightly targets job candidates.

September 18, 2003
When Yum! Brands, Inc., recruiter Tracy Cruz needed job candidates formanagement positions at Taco Bell, KFC, A&W, and Pizza Hut, she looked toonline recruiter The results were so good that Yum! Brands now usesFlipDog nationally.

"Résumés from Flip- Dog are more targeted. I mayget more résumés from other sites, but perhaps 5 of 100 will be qualified forthe position. With FlipDog, it’s 10 of 10."

    The reason is simple. "Résumés from FlipDog are more targeted. I mayget more résumés from other sites, but perhaps 5 of 100 will be qualified forthe position. With FlipDog, it’s 10 of 10." The candidates, she elaborates,are targeted not only in terms of skill sets and experience, but alsogeographically. If, for example, Cruz needs managers in the Los Angeles area butisn’t paying for relocation, candidates from outside that area can be screenedautomatically so she can focus on local candidates with the skills andexperience she needs. Consequently, Cruz says, she can spend more timeinterviewing candidates. That’s particularly important for a company thatprocesses some 3,000 résumés each month!

    FlipDog is less expensive than the competition, too. "The cost per month isabout the same as placing two ads on other job boards," Cruz says.Corporate-wide, according to Wendy Holt, HR technology leader for Yum! Brands,the cost of using FlipDog is about one-tenth the cost of using other competingbrands, for the overall package.

    The "overall package" at FlipDog starts with AutoPost. Once Yum! Brandsposts a job on its Web site, AutoPost automatically grabs that posting and addsit to the FlipDog site. On-site IT work isn’t needed. Such automation "cutsdown the time involved in posting each job," Holt says. "We push about 500job openings per day to the FlipDog site," she adds. Changes to the postingsare made through the FlipDog account representative. "Ours responds in acouple of hours," Holt says.

    The package also includes access to Flip- Dog’s own candidate databases. AsJohn Peterson, FlipDog’s senior product manager, says, "Not only do we giveyou access to over two million résumés we’ve found across the Web, but ourposition as the fourth most-trafficked career site has allowed us to build aninternal database of more than two million FlipDog members, of which 1.3 millionhave searchable résumés."

    For Cruz, FlipDog’s "MemberCandidate-Search" database is invaluable."You can set up a candidate hunter," she says, so when a candidate who meetsyour criteria appears in the database, that résumé is e-mailed to youautomatically. Consequently, Cruz receives résumés from candidates whootherwise might not have considered Yum! Brands, but who are perfect for thejob.

    For all its strengths, however, FlipDog isn’t a one-stop recruiting shop."I’d recommend using it in conjunction with other job boards," Cruz says,to recruit from a broader population base. With its memorable name and brightWeb site, filled with job-hunting tips, FlipDog is quick to catch the eye oftoday’s hot young talent. "FlipDog recruits from a younger population,"than many other job boards, Holt says.

    "Younger," however, doesn’t mean inexperienced. Instead, FlipDog’scandidates are better qualified for Yum! Brands’ more complex operations. FromCruz’s perspective, that makes them ideal for managing "two-in-one" sites,like a Taco Bell and Pizza Hut under one roof.