Foster Innovative Thinking

June 29, 1999
Long hours and long days in lightless cubicles don't spark a lot of creativity. Consider these daring ideas:

  • Convert a small room in your office into a think tank. Cover the walls with paper to write on. Provide comfy chairs and small conversation pits. Stock it with magazines and snacks.
  • Paint several office walls wild colors. Paint a mural that describes your company's vision.
  • Rent abstract art. To begin a meeting, ask people what it means to them. It will get their creative juices flowing.
  • Create an "internal relations" program. For example, the computer distributor MicroAge of Tempe, AZ developed a "Drive for Five" campaign that created an internal racing environment (road signs, checkered flags, etc.) geared toward reaching $5 billion in sales.

SOURCE: Janet Jackim, the michael HARRIS group, inc., March 12, 1999.