Honeywell Hoping that Education Will Control Health Costs

The New Jersey-based company rolled out its Health Resource program April 2. The company hopes it will not only keep costs down, but also improve outcomes. Costs currently are increasing 13 to 14 percent.

May 12, 2004
Honeywell is trying to spread the message to employees that if they know more about health care, their care will be better and more affordable.

This effort started informally in 2002, according to Business Insurance. Honeywell started tutoring some employees about the health care crisis, and having those employees talk to others. Using the feedback Honeywell got from these "tutors" -- influential employees who were spreading the word -- Honeywell developed a set of tools for employees. According to Business Insurance, these tools include:

  • Assistance for employees who are diagnosed with serious illnesses. Doctors at the nation’s top five medical schools provide information to employees about treatment options.
  • Online, personalized health decision support through an expanded Mayo Clinic Web site.
  • Disease management programs for conditions such as diabetes.
  • A toll-free hotline staffed by 11 nurses.
  • Centralized "care management teams" for doctors, nurses and others to collaborate on treatment for some employees.

Honeywell is rolling out these and several other tools to employees and their families at meetings held at each company location that has at least 100 employees.