How Electronic Arts Automated Their Recruiting

July 13, 2000
Winning the Recruiting Game with

With the talent war raging, Electronic Arts(tm), a leading-edge gaming company, needed a recruiting advantage. Thanks to, EA automated the entire recruiting process to attract and retain top talent faster than ever before.

Electronic Arts believes interactive entertainment will be to this century what TV and movies were to the last one. To lead in this revolution, EA uses their Web site for marketing the games they produce for on-line use, PCs, PlayStation® and Nintendo 64®.

When it came to using their site as a powerful recruiting tool, EA turned to "The job market is extremely tight," says Kevin Hare, manager of staffing and researching. "EA was built on hiring the best. We must be aggressive in the job market to keep our edge." To attract top-shelf talent-- software engineers, computer graphic artists, game producers, directors and testers -- EA looked to's e-Recruiter(tm) solution.

A Powerful Web-hosted Recruiting Service

E-Recruiter is designed to automate the entire recruiting process, reducing the time your company spends recruiting by as much as 80%. And it all happens right from your own corporate Web site. With e-Recruiter, you can automatically market your company's job openings to qualified prospects. When candidates enter your site, they are automatically matched to any applicable open position. They will even be notified of future positions that meet their qualifications and interests.

Using e-Recruiter, EA has been able to reach, recruit, and retain the best people. E-Recruiter captures and maintains vital recruiting information on candidates via a comprehensive profiling technique. So instead of beginning the quest for candidates when a job becomes open, EA has been able to proactively build a private talent community of qualified individuals that can be tapped immediately.

EA was able to break through résumé bottlenecks and build dynamic, ongoing relationships with passive and active candidates. In short, they are now able to hire and retain people with the talent and expertise needed for EA to prosper.'s e-Recruiter service is dramatically different from anything in the marketplace today. The features and benefits are world-class, with new and revolutionary features constantly being added, even while existing ones are being improved. E-Recruiter does not compete with public job boards, but rather works to compliment a company's established recruitment processes.

Keep Valuable Resources and Personnel Free

Hank Stringer, president of says, "With e-Recruiter, hosts the employment sections of your Web site on our data center. This enables us to get sites up and running quickly without impacting your critical IT resources. We pre-install, host and maintain e-Recruiter so you don't have to install any software. Most important, we provide around-the-clock availability for much less than what it would cost you to implement the service. In short, by hosting the service ourselves, we can deliver a complete turnkey solution that is up and running quickly with no disruption of work."

Once you automate your recruiting process through the Web, your recruiting and staffing personnel become empowered to do what they do best – attract and retain top talent. They are no longer hampered by a long, outdated recruiting process that focuses on paper instead of people.

Unlike most on-line recruiting solutions,'s unique e-recruiting approach appeals to both employers and candidates. Instead of relying on costly professional recruiters or massive résumé databases, e-Recruiter helps you establish relationships with key prospects that have expressed an interest in your company.

Why Compete for Talent When You Don't Have to?

There has been a recent proliferation of Web-enabled recruiting solutions that are little more than monstrous résumé databases offering very little interaction and no exclusivity. With these solutions, you still have to compete with countless other companies for top talent. E-Recruiter delivers a better solution.

With e-Recruiter, you create your own private talent community by building ongoing relationships with both passive and active prospects while allowing them to maintain anonymity and retain control of the relationship. You then have exclusive access to the relationships you establish and all of the information you receive from these interested individuals (salary requirements, skills, work experience, etc.). Using this goldmine of information, e-Recruiter matches the right people with the right positions and connects hiring managers with interested, qualified, and available candidates.

For Electronic Arts, e-Recruiter's impact was immediate. Within seven days of going live, about 1,000 people accessed the pages of EA-Recruiter, the company's specific e-Recruiter solution. They checked out roughly 20 open positions and 328 candidates registered their profiles for current and future job matching. Kevin Hare of EA said the majority of these people were passive candidates, that is, people who were employed and not actively looking for work. Best of all, the e-Recruiter system paid for itself within six months.

Your Company is Only as Good as its People

To thrive in today's business world, you need the right personnel. And with the e-Recruiter solution, Electronic Arts is now winning the talent game with the most powerful recruiting solution available -- their own corporate Web site. To see e-Recruiter in action, visit the EA site powered by at . Or check out for more on how to win big in the talent game.