How to Check an Applicant's Current Employer

November 8, 1999
One the most important reference to check out is usually the most difficult to obtain—the company with whom the applicant is currently employed. Here are three possible ways of checking this source.

1.Askthe applicant if it would be possible to talk to either his supervisor oranother member of the company who would appropriately comment on hisperformance, and yet not jeopardize his position with the company.

2.Askthe applicant to suggest someone who was associated with him in his currentcompany, but who has since left that company.

3.Conditionthe job offer on the fact that the applicant will receive a satisfactoryreference from his current employer, and check with the employer after theapplicant has tendered his or her resignation.

SOURCE:“Reference Checking—Objectives and Techniques by Richard H. Magee, Personnel Journal. Copyright c 1964 byACC Communications, Inc. All rights reserved.