How to Delegate Work

March 22, 1999
Here are some good tips about delegating.

Delegate responsibility, not work.

If you delegate a project, don’t make the employee do it your way.

Let employees take turns running staff meetings.

This allows you to show them you trust them; it builds their leadership skills; and it lets you see them in a managerial position, where they may end up before long.

When delegating, don’t ask, "Do you understand?"

The answer will almost always be "yes," for fear of looking bad. Ask them if they have any ideas on how to proceed, and you’ll get a straight answer.

Keep a delegation diary.

Keep track of which projects you’ve delegated.

Do routine checkups.

Don’t do it every day, but every so often, sit down with the employee and make sure everything is on track.

SOURCE: Positive Leadership newsletter, Ragan Communications, Chicago, IL