How to Redesign and Market a Global Professional Development Program

May 20, 2002

Here are some key points, gleaned from interviews with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu management, on how a company can put together a global development program and then sell it to employees and overseas management.

  • Find out what internal clients don’t like, and fix those flaws. Remember, the best marketing tool is the product itself. Deloitte changed its program so that the value to its international subsidiaries became clearer, and so that the program more directly served corporate strategic goals.

  • Emphasize global corporate benefits, rather than just individual enrichment. The program needs the support of executives from your company’s international subsidiaries. They’ll do it if you can show them how employees with international experience can help them bring in new clients and nurture existing ones.

  • Provide participants with relevant experience. Whenever possible, Deloitte puts program participants to work either for the same corporate client they work with back home or in the same industry.

  • Provide a culturally neutral self-assessment tool for candidates. You should have a questionnaire that will be relevant to a candidate from Japan or Mexico as well as the United States. Remember that the goal of the questionnaire isn’t necessarily to score high, but to encourage a candidate to think about the issues involved in the new assignment.

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