HR Survey Results

May 27, 2000
We are conducting a series of online surveys, and preliminary results from the first one, focused on HR's implementation of technology, may interest you. Results todate show that HR departments are lagging behind the rest of their companieswhen in technology implementation, with 61 percent rating the HR side asmarginal but functional and another 11 percent characterizing their technologyas obsolete or ancient.

Only 26 percentwere so bold as to claim that HR's technology was ahead of the curve, and abarely perceptible one percent said they were at the leading edge. Bycomparison, 54 percent gave their companies an overall ahead-of-the curverating, and another 11 percent ranked their companies as leading edge.

Many of you are using HR-related software in one form or another. Here’s the breakout: HRIS, 40 percent; payroll, 42 percent; applicant/résumé tracking, 12 percent; Benefits enrollment/administration, 20 percent; testing and assessment, 6 percent; Web-based training, 7 percent; training administration, 8 percent; and ESS/IVR, 4 percent.

Of particularinterest was the fact that 40 percent of you are working with HRIS software,correlating roughly to the 43 percent of respondents whose companies have morethan 1,000 employees. Most of your software resides on your company’s server,although 17 percent of you weren’t exactly sure. You are recruiting moreaggressively on the Internet, the survey tells us. For job postings, 46 percentused recruiting sites, 41 percent posted on company sites, and 22 percentposted on multiple sites. An additional 28 percent advertised job openings onother Web sites, and 19 percent hired candidates through recruiting site leads.Half of you said you sometimes search online job boards some of the time, 40percent not at all, and 10 percent use them mostly.

More than 99percent of respondents had a computer at their desks and an equal number had anInternet connection. Most were high- speed connections, but 13 percent dialedup, and the one respondent who had no Internet access must have borrowedsomeone’s computer.