<i>Dear Workforce</i> How Can We Make The Most Of A Job Fair?

February 20, 2002
Dear Lookout:
Pitfalls to avoid
  1. Have enough people staffing the booth. Remember this is a first-time imageof your company to future employees.
  2. When recruiting on a campus, understand that students talk. Understand EEOregulations and treat everyone as a prospect. When going over the resume, havekey questions ready that would identify a great prospect from an averageprospect. Once a great prospect is identified, have a plan -- and an immediatein-depth interview.
Key elements to a good job fair
  1. Leave with quality resumes, not quantity.
  2. Have something that will draw people to your booth. Sometimes the companyname is not enough. Get creative and have a theme. Ask yourself: 'why wouldsomeone want to work at this company?'
  3. Network with other companies in attendance. Look for referrals.
  4. Immediately follow-up on all resumes accepted. Again, people talk. Buildthe image of your company.
SOURCE: Cindy Mitchell, Director of Recruitment Advertising, Houston Chronicle, Houston, Texas, August 21, 2001.
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