<i>Dear Workforce</i> How Do I Tie Orientation Programs To Measurable Metrics?

December 12, 2001
QDear Workforce:
How can I link the value of new-hire orientation programs to their impact onsatisfaction, productivity, and retention numbers? I am looking for aquantifiable analysis of the relationship and any metrics to support the value.
- Needing research, Associate Consultant,publication/communications/advertising, New York, New York.
A Dear Needing Research:
How many new employees are leaving within the first 30 days? The first 60?The first 90? Record these numbers along with any input you may get fromsupervisors about the productive output of the new folks.
It might be interesting to document some statistics about who comes to workand leaves within just a few days. See what folks have to say in exitinterviews.
Now strengthen your orientation process and see if you get different results. You'll be able to create your own metric. Clarify expectations and encouragesenior managers to be out on the floor.
SOURCE: Roger Herman, The HermanGroup, Greensboro, North Carolina, July 19,2001.
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