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August 22, 2001

Dear Workforce:

What process should we follow prior to implementing an HR solution orconverting to e-HR? Also, what things should we consider when choosing an HRsolution?

-- Befuddled administrator, education, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

A Dear Befuddled:

Assure the buy-in of senior management early on in the process. This is anorganizational commitment, not just departmental, and affects the way youcommunicate with all your employees. Then, there are five things anyorganization should do before implementing an e-HR solution (and selecting asolution provider):

  1. Build the business case. Determine how it will save money and time(improve employee/manager productivity, eliminate non-value added work,streamline systems, reduce cycle times of business transactions).

  2. Get a handle on the available budget for implementing a solution. Avoidspending time exploring options that aren't affordable.

  3. Involve your IT department from the start. Know the capabilities of yourexisting system and also what changes may need to be made.

  4. Identify user groups that would be affected. Although this is an HRinitiative, find out which other parts of the organization would be affected.

  5. Treat this like any other enterprise-wide change initiative. Create aproject team, reporting structure, controls and communication plan.

SOURCE: Rusty Young, senior vice president, e-HR consulting practice, TheSegal Company, April 25, 2001.

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