<i>Dear Workforce</i> How Do We Measure Comp For Telecommuters

May 2, 2001
QDear Workforce:

We have a sales team that typically works from home. What trends andstandards relate to working at home and receiving compensation for that at homeworkspace?

- HR Coordinator, restaurant industry dot-com, San Francisco, California.

A Dear Restaurant HR:

The consensus is that working from home is a perk in itself -- a reward thatis its own compensation.

Your company is obligated to provide operational assistance (the cost ofinstalling and maintaining phone, fax and communication lines, the cost ofequipment, collateral imprinted with the home office address, if applicable,etc.).

But the space devoted to work in the home is the employee's consideration inreturn for the privilege of working without a commute or minus the typical groupoffice interruptions.


SOURCE: Bill Gurzi, Work/LifeBenefits, Lakewood, Calif., March 9, 2001.

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