<i>Dear Workforce</i> What is the Latest Thinking Regarding Psychometric Testing Of Potential Executives

March 5, 2003
Dear Psyched:
Using multiple measures to learn about the various components of individualleadership potential provides the most accurate, valid method of predictingexecutive success. Research and practice have led to the development of manytools for use in executive-level assessment. The primary categories of tools andthe basic measurement focus of each is as follows:
Acceleration centers (simulations). This is a professional evaluation ofexecutive skill-sets in simulated leadership situations.
Multi-rater (360-degree feedback) surveys compare self-perceptions with perceptions of others familiar with a person's performance.
Personality inventories are an objective measure of underlying personality characteristics (e.g., sociability, adjustment, etc.)
Cognitive ability tests provide a basic measure of intellectual horsepower (intelligence). These could include measures of numerical or verbal ability.
Behavioral interviews. These competency-based interviews investigate how pastwork experiences relate to future job responsibilities
Live 360 refers to a systematic means of gathering interview-basedinformation from multiple individuals who work with an individual. It is similar to 360-degreefeedback surveys, except that it is administered in an interview format as opposed toa questionnaire.
Any single method is insufficient to provide a comprehensive evaluation of anindividual's strengths and weaknesses. Since each measure offers a differentperspective, the secret is in knowing how to assemble a battery of assessmenttools that provide you with maximum insight.
SOURCE: Matt Paese, practice leader, executive leadership solutions forDevelopment Dimensions International, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, July 25, 2002.
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