<i>Dear Workforce</i> What Qualities Should We Look For When Choosing An Industrial Medical Provider

April 14, 2002

Dear Looking:

Here is a suggested checklist of qualities tohelp you find a good industrial medical provider.

  1. Are the reports comprehensive and issuedin a timely manner?

  2. Is the medical treatment comprehensive andof good quality?

  3. Is a physician available to discuss caseswith you -- at least on the telephone -- and to solicit your input?

  4. Is the initial history taken by thephysician or does he/she have a historian? (Taking the initial history isvery important and should not be allocated to anyone who doesn't understandthe implications.)

  5. Is the physician willing to placerestrictions on a person's employment and/or job tasks rather than placinghim/her off work?

  6. Is the medical provider familiar withworkers' comp laws and rating systems?

  7. Does the medical provider do mostlydefense or plaintiff work?

SOURCE: Certification of Disability ManagementSpecialists Commission (CDMSC), Rolling Meadows, Illinois, Sept. 28, 2001.

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