<i>Dear Workforce</i> What’s the Impact of Dot-com Workers On Corporate America

August 8, 2001

Dear Workforce:

What impact are former dot-com employees having as they re-enter theworkforce in corporate America? What expectations do these people have as theybegin working for a big company again

- Manager, manufacturing company, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

A Dear Manufacturer in Michigan:

As former dot-com employees return to corporate America, they bring back withthem that entrepreneurial spirit that initially drove them to the dot-coms inthe first place.

Many of the larger companies who experienced the mass exit of talent duringthe dot-com heyday realized they had to adjust their culture to retain existingtalent.

Some of these adjustments included giving employees more say indecision-making, casual dress, and more employee perks.

I believe that the former dot-comers will find a less bureaucraticenvironment now in corporate America and also a new appreciation by thesecompanies towards fostering entrepreneurial spirit. Corporate America realizesthat it must adjust its culture in order to retain this returning talent.

SOURCE: Mike Sweeny, T. Williams ConsultingInc., Collegeville, Pa., April19, 2001.

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